Duff's Story- TAVR

Duff Rice is living a full, active life well into his 90s thanks to the expert care given to him by Virginia Heart’s Structural Heart team. He is back to playing tennis several times a week, even winning a gold medal at the Senior Olympics after recovering fully from a minimally-invasive aortic valve replacement (TAVR) just over a year ago.

Vycky's Story- Valvular Heart Disease

A specialized echocardiogram ordered by the Virginia Heart team revealed that Vycky Lara’s debilitating shortness of breath had nothing to do with her lungs, but was due to valvular heart disease. Following surgery to correct the issue, Vycky is golfing again and enjoying life fully.

Drew's Story- Emergency Care

When a young college student's life was threatened by a stubborn virus that attacked his heart, several Virginia Heart doctors worked together using their specialized expertise to save their patient. Read our story to learn more.

Charles' Story- Heart Attack

Thanks to the world-class care Charles Sarahan II received from Virginia Heart’s interventional cardiologists and entire care team, he survived a serious heart attack and cardiogenic shock and is now back to living a more balanced and appreciative life, spent with his family and friends.

Kevin's Story- Cardiovascular Disease

Kevin W. of Alexandria, Virginia postponed his plans for a dream vacation in Hawaii based on the expert advice of a Virginia Heart cardiologist – advice that may have saved Kevin’s life. Less than a year after emergency coronary bypass surgery, Kevin was able to climb Diamond Head with his family – and with a healthy heart.

LeAnn's Story- Coronary Artery Disease

LeAnn Moore is a cancer survivor and no stranger to needles and hospitals. So when the team at Virginia Heart determined she needed an angioplasty to address a severely blocked artery, she assumed she was in for another ordeal, similar to her cancer treatments. Instead, she discovered the procedure was "a piece of cake. I had no pain, no discomfort."