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Warren S. Levy, MD is an interventional cardiologist who also serves as President and Chief Medical Officer of Virginia Heart. Through invasive and non-invasive procedures, he treats patients suffering from a variety of cardiac conditions. He is board certified in cardiovascular disease and internal medicine and serves as a Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine and Cardiology at Georgetown University School of Medicine.  “I take great pride in the care and compassion that the Virginia Heart family provides to our patients and our community,” he said. “The greatest joy and honor we have as physicians is to make a significant impact upon the lives of our patients and their families by improving their quality of life, their health and ultimately extending life through life saving measures.”

Dr. Levy earned his medical degree with honors from the George Washington University School of Medicine, going on to complete his residency and fellowships there in general and interventional cardiology.

To “walk the walk” of good cardiovascular care, Dr. Levy is an avid runner and skier—as long as his knees hold up. He cherishes time with his family, who bring him much pride and fulfillment.

Affiliations & Awards


  • Top Doctor | Northern Virginia Magazine
  • Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Honor Society 

Leadership Positions

  • President & Chief Medical Officer | Virginia Heart
  • Member, Steering Committee | MedAxiom
  • Former Medical Director, Non-Invasive Cardiovascular Services | Virginia Hospital Center
  • Former Member, Medical Executive Committee | Virginia Hospital Center
  • Former Chair, Clinical Risk Management Committee | Virginia Hospital Center
  • Former Member, Medical Staff Executive Committee & Admissions Committee | George Washington University Medical Center

Other Languages Spoken

  • French

Hospital Affiliations

  • Virginia Hospital Center
  • Inova Alexandria Hospital
  • Inova Fair Oaks Hospital
  • Inova Fairfax Hospital
  • Reston Hospital Center


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"The greatest joy and honor as a physician is when we have the opportunity to make a significant impact upon the lives of our patients and their families -- both when life saving measures are needed and in quality of life."

- Dr. Warren S. Levy