Research Center

Research Center at Virginia Heart

Virginia Heart has a long standing commitment to providing the most effective and evidenced based heart care for our patients.   By participating in national and regionally based research we are actively contributing to the next generation of treatments and cutting-edge solutions for cardiovascular diseases and conditions.  We participate in numerous clinical trials and make these opportunities available to our patients who qualify for specific studies and clinical trials.

As the largest cardiovascular physician practice in Northern Virginia, we have a vast network of providers and we treat thousands of patients each year, allowing us to make a significant contribution to the numerous clinical trials going on at any given time.


Current Research and Clinical Trials 

We are currently involved in the following research studies and clinical trials.  Ask your Virginia Heart cardiologist if you qualify for any of these studies.  For more information on our Research Center or any of the specific research studies underway, please call the Lead Research Coordinator listed with each study below.

For information about any of our current research or to see if you are a possible candidate please speak to your Virginia Heart physician or contact the Virginia Heart Research Center at (703) 766-5920.  Currently recruiting clinical trials are listed below: