Basic Facts

  • Insomnia is a sleep disorder that can make it hard to fall asleep and/or remain asleep.
  • While many people suffer from short-term insomnia because of stress or a traumatic event, some people have long-term (chronic) insomnia that lasts for months or years. 
  • Chronic insomnia can significantly impair a patient’s quality of life and is associated with a higher risk of developing diseases. 
  • Most adults need seven to eight hours of sleep at night, although sleep needs can vary from person to person.
Insomnia can undermine a person’s school or work performance, as well as contribute to obesity, depression, memory problems and poor immune system function. It is more common in adult females than adult males.

Those more likely to suffer from insomnia include shift workers, the elderly, and menopausal women.

Insomnia FAQ