Areas of Expertise

From heart attacks to arrhythmias to congestive heart failure, Virginia Heart physicians have the training and expertise to diagnose and treat the full range of heart conditions.  In addition:

  • We emphasize preventive cardiology and work closely with our patients to help them mitigate long term heart damage and to lead heart healthy lives. 
  • Our team of electrophysiologists have helped thousands of patients with heart rhythm disorders or arrhythmias, often "re-wiring" their hearts to help them beat more regularly and efficiently. 
  • Our interventional cardiologists work with teams of experts at the area's best hospitals and emergency rooms, treating acute heart conditions as patients experience chest pain or other symptoms of heart attack. 


Timothy P. Farrell, MD, FACC

In the sections below we have included helpful information about the different conditions we treat as well as diagnostic tests and treatments available to help our patients with their possible heart conditions.  We have also included information to help you with wellness and risk modification strategies to improve your heart health.