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The Cardiovascular Group, known for their diagnosis and management of complex heart disease, has been a leader in providing cardiac care to Virginia and the surrounding communities.

Our physicians have received extensive medical and cardiology training and are board certified. We believe that high quality care can only be provided when all members of the healthcare team are communicating with each other.

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· Walter L. Atiga, MD

· Tariq Abdul Aziz, MD

· Subash Bazaz, MD, FACC

· Rachel L. Berger, MD

· Anthony Chang, MD, FACC, FACP

· Nicholas Cossa, MD, FACC

· Stephen M. Day, MD, FACC

· James Duc, MD, FACC

· Timothy P. Farrell, MD, FACC

· Rajat Garg, MD, FACC, FSCAI

· Tariq M. Haddad, MD

· Jeffrey Jackman, MD, FACC

· Noah J. Jones, MD, FACC, FSCAI

· Jeanne Marie Kairouz, MD, FACC

· Joseph M. Kiernan, MD, FACC, FSCAI

· Sara Kulangara, MD

· Warren S. Levy, MD, FACC

· Jeffrey S. Luy, MD, FACC

· Carey M. Marder, MD, FACC

· Francis J. McGrath, MD, FACC

· Robert L. McSwain, MD

· Lawrence A. Miller, MD, FACC

· Pradeep R. Nayak, MD, FACC, FASE

· Michael P. Notarianni, MD, FACC

· Antonio R. Parente, MD, FACC

· Paula Pinell-Salles, MD

· Dean M. Pollock, MD, FACC

· Gautam Ramakrishna, MD, FACC

· Haroon Rashid, MD, FACC

· Stephen P. Rosenfeld, MD, FACC

· Lawrence R. Rubin, MD, FACC

· Anne M. Safko, MD, FACC

· Stuart E. Sheifer, MD, FACC

· Robert A. Shor, MD, FACC

· Mark P. Tanenbaum, MD, FACC

· Ketan K. Trivedi, MD, FACC

· Mark C. Vives, MD

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