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Virginia Heart - Our Physicans

Our Physicans

Our physicians are board certified in cardiovascular disease and internal medicine, meaning they have completed years of training and passed a comprehensive exam in those areas. Many of them are board certified in a third or even fourth area as well. This commitment to extensive education is one measure that sets Virginia Heart apart from other practices.

In addition to excellent educational credentials, Virginia Heart physicians hold leadership positions at area hospitals, local and national organizations, and have deep experience with patient diagnoses and treatment.

You can look at our physician biographies by selecting an option from the right menu.

In addition to learning about our physicians, we also invite you to review the biographies of our nurse practitioners. They are an important part of Virginia Heart's cardiovascular care, working with patients while maintaining close contact with our physicians.

Nurse Practitioners (NPs) are advanced practice nurses who provide high-quality healthcare services similar to our physicians, both in the hospital and in the office. NPs hold a Master's degree in Nursing and are licensed by the Nursing and Medicine Board. Our Virginia Heart NPs work collaboratively with our physicians to treat patients with heart disease and educate those at risk for heart disease.

Take a look at our nurse practitioners by selecting that option from the right menu.

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